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How to Select a Private Label Manufacturer

How to Select a Private Label Manufacturer

Skincare Professionals

ABBE Laboratories, Inc. manufactures the most innovative and excellent quality Private-Label skin care formulations available to the esthetic industry. Our products are packaged both in Professional (cabin) andPrivate-Label retail sizes. You can now offer clients “your own” excellent skin treatment products with an extraordinarily low minimum purchase.


What you should look for:

  1. A clean, well equipped factory with a working R&D lab, stainless steel filling and manufacturing equipment.
  2. An easily accessible, knowledgeable chemist, or manufacturing professional, with a through knowledge of raw materials and good manufacturing practices.
  3. A philosophy of truthfulness, honesty, and the desire to create the best possible products that work, without questionable sales hoopla and smoke and mirrors approach.
  4. A company with a readily avaialbe product line, beautifully packaged, fully explained, and always the same product, batch to batch.
  5. A company willing to listen to your input on a product’s performance, and willing to make changes, if necessary. (Some products will require frequent updating.
  6. Expertise in skin care products is mandatory.
  7. The willingness by the manufacturer to direct you to the best, most reasonably priced labeling, marketing, component, art and advertising people.
  8. The manufacturer’s prices should be fair, and allow you a proper markup.
  9. The insurance picture should be explained to you properly.
  10. Both of you – the manufacturer and the skin care professional – should have a commitment to excellence!


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